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06 November 2017

Bird-X-Peller offers free Laser Safety training

Bird-X-Peller has teamed up with the Bird Control Academy to offer a free laser safety course to AGRILASER HANDHELD and AUTONOMIC customers.

The training course enables customers to safely use the Bird Control Group’s laser products. It provides useful background information on the laser products, laser classifications and how to safely handle bird control lasers. The training is designed according to the general laser safety directive IEC 60825-1:2014 as well as to the standards prescribed by the ‘Guide to levels of competence required in laser safety’, NPR-CLC/TR 50448:2005, which defines levels of competence for those who work with laser equipment or who have responsibility for laser safety. The course is delivered online and is not intended as a replacement for onsite training. Successful participants can request an official printed and signed 'Certificate of Completion' for AUD150.

Bird-X-Peller strongly encourages customers to participate in this training. The laser safety course is open to new and existing customers (proof of purchase is required for registration).

To register please contact us and fill out your unique details.

Hobart, Australia, 06 November 2017

Bird-X-Peller Australia & New Zealand

About Bird Control Group

The Bird Control Group develops innovative solutions to keep birds at a distance, ensuring a safer working environment and a highly effective way to prevent damage. The innovative bird laser products have been recognized by the World Wildlife Fund for providing an effective, animal and environmentally-friendly alternatives for many industries.

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Bird-X-Peller Australia & New Zealand has a policy to deliver the best bird and animal control products & service at competitive rates. We design and customize our bird control systems to ensure our customers get the right solution for their pest situation. Having provided effective bird repellent products and safety protection services for more than 20 years, Bird-X-Peller has a gained a great reputation in the animal control industry. Call us today or visit our website for enquiries.

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