ScareCrow 4

Motion-activated water sprinkler scares birds and small animals away

ScareCrow 4

The new Scarecrow 4 motion-activated water sprinkler protects yards, fruit trees, flowers beds, ponds and pools from hungry and destructive bird and animal intruders. The ScareCrow automatically detects Pigeons, Seagulls, Ducks, cats, dogs, rabbits, possums and more as they approach, and repels them with a short but startling burst of water. The sudden noise, movement and water blast scares any animal intruder away and teaches them to avoid the area in future.

Installation is easy! Simply fit the batteries, hook up the garden hose and plant the stake in the ground. The ScareCrow protects an area of up to 10 meters x 12 meters. Multiple sprinklers can be daisy-chained to build a highly effective ScareCrow fence.

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  • Coverage: Adjustable, up to 10m x 12m (1,200 sq. ft.).

  • Input Pressure: 30 to 80 psi (2 to 5.5 bar).

  • Box includes: 1x ScareCrow 4 sprinkler, ground stake, manual.

  • Power Supply: Operates up to six months on 4x AA batteries (not included).

  • Delivery Lead Time: 3-12 days