Bird Proofing - Residential Buildings & Conservation

Protect buildings and assets from bird damage

Historic building in Melbourne

Pigeons, Sparrows and Gulls are the most common pest birds around residential homes. Pigeons like to nest under roof overhangs, on pillars, beams or they are just sitting on the roof ridges. Sparrows nesting is also a common problem. They like to get under roof tiles or through the small round vent holes below the fascia boards. Roost inhibitors such as bird spikes, bird wire systems and bird proof gel are widely used. Acoustic and visual bird deterrent products help to keep the birds away.

Other Areas

A variety of different pest birds is commonly found near shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, parks etc. The method of choice for controlling these birds depends on the specific situation. It is important to know what and how many birds are causing problems, how long they have been there and what supply of food is available to them. If you have a bird problem in a residential built-up area please contact us and describe your specific situation. We will provide expert advice and will suggest a solution tailored to your needs.

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