Bird Ban Liquid

Transparent bird proof liquid

Bird Deterrent Liquid

Bird Ban Liquid

Bird ban liquid is an ideal low-profile bird proof liquid. The sticky non-toxic transparent liquid prevents birds from landing and roosting on their preferred spots. Bird ban is ideal for inside and outside use. Apply with a paintbrush or professional pressure sprayer.

Uses: Roofs, window sills, letter boxes, building ledges, columns, pipes, gutters, downpipes, and more

More Information


  • Package size: 500ml (0.5 litre), 1,000ml (1 litre) and 5,000ml (5 litre)

  • Main ingredient: Polybutene

  • Application: Paintbrush or pressure sprayer

  • Effective protection: 12 months (outside), > 12 months (inside)

  • Delivery Time: Unavailable.