Bird-X Bird Blazer

Automatic Indoor Bird Laser with Remote Control

Bird Blazer

Bird-X Bird Blazer is a Class 3R diode ‚Äúfat beam‚ÄĚ laser featuring strong 10 milliwatt (mW) green beams -- green is shown to be the most effective against pest birds. The beams create 45 different patterns occurring in random order. This is an important feature as birds are creatures of habit and do not grow accustomed to a dynamic environment.

Uses: Warehouses, hangars, sheds, barns, tunnels, park houses and more

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  • Dimensions: 230x230x150mm

  • Weight: 1.2kgs

  • Laser: 10mW fat-beam green

  • Maximum Range: 300m (1,000 ft)

  • Box includes: 1x Bird-X Bird Blazer, power cord, remote control, user manual, bird control information pack

  • Coverage: up to 929 sq. meters (10,000 sq. ft.)

  • Power Supply: 220-240V

  • Origin: Made by Bird-x USA

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Delivery Lead Time: Special Order*

* Please contact us for lead time and delivery terms.